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Wearing a mask over your mouth AND nose is a requirement to enter my shop. I'm only allowing one customer in the shop at one time. 

I will not work on any instruments that I deem to be counterfeit. 

Locals Only Special! Too busy to come to me? If you live in the Mount Juliet area, I can usually pickup and return your guitar (schedule permitting) at no extra charge. Or, I can do some minor repairs at your location! Just ask!

  • Acoustic Instrument Setup: $55 + strings
  • Electric Instrument Setup: $65 + strings
  • Floyd Rose Setup: $100 + strings

Note: All setups include a restring, a fret polish, fingerboard cleaning, fingerboard hydration (where applicable), hardware tightening, truss rod adjustment, bridge/saddle adjustment, intonation adjustment, action adjustment at nut, general clean up, pot clean out,pickup height adjustment and pickup pole piece radiusing (where applicable)

  • New Bone Nut: $65 for 6-string or bass ‚Äč
  • New Bone Nut: $80 for 12-string or mandolin
  • New Bone Saddle: $50 uncompensated
  • New Bone Saddle: $65 for compensated 

Note: All nuts and saddles are hand-made from unbleached bovine bone unless another type is requested. There will be an up-charge of $15.00 for Tusq or other material.

  • Acoustic Strap Button Installation: $35 (inludes buttons)
  • Strap Lock Installation (including install on strap): $35 + parts
  • Tuning Machine Installation: $35 (will incur a $35.00 upcharge for tuner hole reaming)
  • Bridge Pin Fitting: $35
  • Acoustic Top Crack Repair: $40 then $5.00 per cleat.
  • Acoustic Pick Guard Re-Glue: $65
  • Acoustic Bridge Re-Glue: $75 and up
  • New Acoustic Bridge: $185.00 and up
  • Re-Glue Loose Brace: on-site quote only
  • Acoustic Neck Reset: $420 and up
  • Restrings: $35.00 (includes D'Addario Strings for 6  and 12 string electric and acoustic guitars. Basses, mandos, banjos, ukes, etc.. are extra )
  • Minimum Bench Charge for wiring: $35
  • Electric Guitar Pickup Installations: $35 for first pickup- $20 for 2nd & 3rd.
  • Under Saddle Acoustic Pickup Installation: $100
  • Under Bridge Plate Acoustic Pickup Installation: $130
  • Up-charge for all hollow body electric instrument wiring: $35
  • New Pot Installation: $35 (includes pot)
  • New 3 way Toggle Switch install: $35 + parts
  • New 3 or 5-way switch (Fender) :$35 + parts
  • Pickup Kill Switch: $35 + parts
  • Complete re-wire: $140 and up + parts
  • Pot pickup: $35 per pickup
  • Removing Fret Sprout: $35 and up
  • Unbound Neck Re-Fret: $280
  • Bound Neck Re-Fret: $350
  • Maple Fingerboard Re-Fret: $450 if finish is required, $350 if not.
  • Gibson Style refret Re-Fret with "nibs": $495 and up
  • Custom Inlay : quoted on site
  • Fret Dress: (leveled and crowned) : $125
  • Upcharge for stainless steel fretwire: $90
  • Upcharge for EVO-Gold fretwire: $35

Note: Fret dresses are done on the Erlewine Neck Jig for extreme accuracy.

All other work quoted on site.

All prices are estimates based on typical repair scenarios and are subject to change if any additional repair services are required for the instrument. Only approved work will be performed and the customer will be notified if any extra work is required.

Note: All unclaimed repaired instruments left after 30 days become property of the shop and will be sold to recoup delinquent repair charges.