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Hi, my name is T​hom Abell. I'm the owner and CEO of String Theory Guitar Repair, LLC. 

I became interested in guitars at any early age. My family and I used to watch Glen Campbell's and Johnny Cash's TV shows and I was captivated by the instrument. At age 6, I took guitar lessons but was quickly disappointed when I couldn't get my small hands to cooperate with a standard sized guitar. At the time, smaller, quality guitars did not exist for children. I decided to put the guitar down until my body could catch up.

At the age of 13 after a growth spurt, I picked up a guitar that was gathering dust in the corner and discovered that I had near perfect pitch in my head and learned every tune that I liked and then some. This is also the age when I took my first guitar apart to see what made it tick. I've never looked back or stopped. I've always been interested in what makes guitars play well. I enjoy the learning process that comes with instrument repair. If your current guitar tech thinks he/she knows it all, you probably need a new guitar tech. Learning never stops. Even after 44 years of playing guitars and working on them, it never gets old!

I've turned my lifelong passion and love for guitars and other fretted instruments into a place where anyone can get their instruments repaired and know that they will be repaired properly. 

I'm a graduate of the prestigious Galloup School of Lutherie in Big Rapids, Michigan. I earned an industry-wide accepted certification in fretted instrument repair which certifies me to work on all brands. I'm also Fender and Taylor Guitars Factory Certified. 

All work is by appointment only.

If your instrument is in need of repair, please use the "Repair Request" page.

Please call or text to let me know you're on your way,

My shop is located at:

603 Georgian Way

Mount Juliet, TN 37122

Telephone /Text: 615-415-5681


Mon - Fri: 10:00am - 6:00pm

Sat: 9:00am - 2:00pm

Sun: Closed